Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Can't Believe They Are Letting These People Vote!

Ok - I received this in an email today and decided that I felt pretty strongly about it, so it's going on my blog. Please be aware that I am not intending this to spark a big debate. It's just something that rubbed me the wrong way and I feel the need to vent about it.

First of all, at this point, I am not for or against either candidate. I have not made a decision who I am voting for. I want to make an informed decision. Who I choose will be based on their stance on issues that I feel strongly about. Both candidates have issues that I agree with and disagree with. I just need to decide which I can deal with and which I can't. The important thing is that I am not basing my decision on what my husband thinks, or what my friends or family think, or by sex or skin color. But there are people out there who will. I am aware that this link only shows one side of this, and that there are other people who will NOT vote for Obama because of his skin color.

So, here's my problem... These people (in the link) have absolutely no idea what's going on. Whether you think Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread, or you think he doesn't hold a candle to McCain, you should at least be able to back it up. I would never criticize someone for their choice if they are able to stand up for their candidate. But when you don't know where he/she stands on the issues or even who the running mate is, you should not be voting.

Just my 2 cents.


T Z said...

I truly believe idiots should not be able to vote. Their single ignorant vote negates my single vote.

T Z (voting for McCain/Palin)

Bobby said...

Aman sister.

McCain/Palin here also.

TATUR Dave said...

Voting for McCain because of the issues.

Obama has said his 1st priority would be to sign a bill that grants the right to partial birth abortion and provides for tax funded abortions. He has repeatedly voted against bills that protect the rights of unborn or newly born children. I can't vote for a guy who thinks that way.

Obama wants to increase taxes on businesses at a time that it would be disastrous to the economy.

There are a host of other issues on which I agree with McCain and disagree with Obama, but the root of the disagreement is the basic mindset about the function of government. Put very simply, Obama is about as liberal as they come, and McCain is moderate to conservative. I would rather be voting for Romney, who I voted for in the primary, and who is more conservative, but since my choice is narrowed down to two, I have to pick the lesser of two evils, which is McCain.

Also, I have been watching the debates and followed the campaigns. Obama is a very smooth talker, much better than McCain, but he lies through his teeth. Too bad the mainstream press doesn't hold him accountable for his false statements. I don't trust him at all.

Suzi said...

I think we need to institute an IQ test as part of voter registration... this is INSANE!