Friday, February 27, 2009

Doctor Drama...

Yesterday I had yet another prenatal appointment. They are every 2 weeks right now. It's sad that I see my doctor more frequently than I see my friends!

Anyway, up to this point my appointments have been very routine. Sign in, pee in the cup, step on the scale, check my blood pressure, listen to the baby's heartbeat, measure my growth, and then I'm out the door. This is what I was expecting yesterday. My doctor had other plans...

Apparently, near the end of pregnancy, women have to be tested for Group B Strep infection. And I guess my doctor figured that while she was down there, she might as well check my cervix to see if I had started dilating yet. I haven't, which is good since I still have a few weeks until I'm considered full term.

I do understand that near the end of the pregnancy, that there are routine checks down there, but I wasn't prepared for it to happen yesterday - and I figured the strep test was just like every other - in the the throat! It's never fun to go to your doctor and unexpectedly be told to drop your drawers... Especially when you can't see below your belly button and didn't have adequate notice for any type of maintenance. For the other preggos due after me, be forewarned - keep on top of the maintenance!! I know the doctors don't care, and they've seen it all, but still... I would have felt better if I had been given some time to prepare!

So after my poking and prodding, I treated myself to lunch at Queenie's (complete with Banana Caramel Cake for dessert! Yum!!) and headed back to work. I did my best to not think about the appointment and just look forward to the next one. And I was doing pretty good on that until this morning when my doctor's office called. There were some white cells in my urine so they sent it to the lab to be checked. And now they needed me to give them a pharmacy to call in a prescription for my UTI... That's right... I have a UTI. What?!?!? I have NEVER had any issues like this, but apparently its more common in pregnancy. So off I go to get my antibiotics. I picked them up right after lunch and went ahead and took one since they are supposed to be taken with food. About an hour later, I get ANOTHER phone call from the doctor's office. Stop taking those antibiotics, we're calling in a new one. My Group B Strep came back positive! Good grief! I'm glad they caught both now before they caused any problems, but seriously... can't we just have one problem per day????

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Catching Up

Hi... My name is Candice and it has been 2 weeks since my last post...

Some of you may remember me as a dedicated runner and blogger! I have to say, days like this really kill me - I would have loved to go for a run this morning. The temp was nice, there was a great breeze, it was nearly perfect! Of course, work must come first - and being almost 34 weeks pregnant doesn't help a whole lot either!
With only 6 weeks left until the baby is due, I figured I'd better get back on track with my blogging since I probably won't have a whole lot of energy for a while after he/she gets here.

On Saturday, we went out to Fuji's for dinner with a group of friends. I did order a couple of sushi rolls (fully cooked, of course...) and then drooled over everyone else's raw choices. I'm not sure what Randy ordered, but it looked similar to a Rainbow roll... I could have killed him!! And all of the bottles of Saki around the table... and the dirty martini's at the table across from us... I do not recommend eating out when you're pregnant! Everybody else gets what you can't have and then rubs it in your face!! Okay, technically, nobody was rubbing anything in my face, but just seeing it all was torture enough.

We ordered/bought our crib on Sunday! Woo hoo! They said it would take 7-14 days, so now we're just waiting for that so we can get that set up and take some pictures of the baby's room.

Monday night we finished our childbirth class. So I guess that means I'm ready, right??? Not so much! Yes, I understand what will happen and I know what to do and everything, but is anybody ever really ready for childbirth?? Anyway, throughout the 4 week class, each of the dad's have had the opportunity to wear the Empathy Belly. (And by opportunity, I mean that they were threatened with bodily harm from their wives if they didn't do it!) So Monday was Randy's turn! Here are some pics...

On Tuesday I did my preadmissions paperwork at the hospital, that way I don't have to spend an hour on paperwork when the "real thing" happens! Then I did a 3 hour breastfeeding class - who knew it was so complicated?!?!? During both the childbirth class and the breastfeeding class, they used some pretty cheesy videos from several years ago. The best was during the breastfeeding class. It was during the segment on pumping at work - this mom goes into a little room and locks the door, pulls out her pump, and then pulls out a picture of her baby. Breastfeeding porn! Seriously, the first thing I thought of was all the TV shows/movies where somebody goes to donate sperm... Again, who knew breastfeeding was so complicated?!?!?

Grr... just got a phone call that my pool class was canceled tonight... how annoying! On the plus side, it means that I get to go by RW tonight and see my people!!! Yay!!!

And on another positive note, I just got a message from Babies R Us that our crib is in!! Woo hoo!!

So anyway, I guess that's enough excitement for today. Later!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Long Overdue...

For a new post, that is!

With my due date looming just 58 days away, I have so many things going on in my head! We started our childbirth classes a couple weeks ago, and that has been good. I have learned a ton already, and we still have 2 more weeks to go. I also saw my doctor today (I'm going every 2 weeks now, so I've been twice since my last post). Everything is still going well. My total weight gain is now up to 30 lbs - YIKES!! I've gained 4 lbs since my last appointment - 2 weeks ago! I was hoping I wouldn't go over 150, but since I'm at 144 with 8 weeks to go, I don't think that is even a possibility. But my doctor isn't concerned about it, and seems to think I'm right on track, so I guess I'll try to let relax!

I still haven't made any progress in the baby's room. I'm thinking about giving up TV for Lent again this year, and maybe that will encourage me to work on getting everything ready. I've decided not to stress about it though. The baby won't care where he or she is sleeping and whether or not the room is perfect. And the baby will still be coming whether I'm ready or not. Of course, having a baby shower would help too! Then I would have stuff to organize and put away! I'll be having 2 in March. One for my running group, and one for everyone else. I'm so excited!!!

I must say, I am REALLY missing my running group. I had to drop back from 3 days a week, to one day a week because it's just too uncomfortable - and because my prenatal aqua aerobics is on the same days that my group meets. I am absolutely loving the aqua class, though! It feels so good! But seeing my friends only once a week is hard! I feel so out of the loop! And pain - good grief. I've run a marathon for crying out loud - 26.2 miles. And sadly, that felt better than last Saturday's 4 mile walk... Special thanks to whoever that runner was that came and picked me and Kathy up on the side of road! I don't think I would have made it back those last 2 miles! I think from now on, my limit is 2 miles! While I'm not looking forward to the cold weather tomorrow, I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the Poker Run! I won't be running, but perhaps I will be a dealer! I'm thinking about bringing a special little friend with me to keep everyone encouraged and motivated - especially since the marathon group will have already run 9 miles before the Poker Run starts!

I'm also looking forward to Valentine's Day! Personally, I think the "holiday" as a whole is pretty lame, but I love finding ways to surprise my husband. His favorite dessert is Chocolate Mousse, so I'm going to make him some. I don't get caught up in wanting flowers, jewelry, chocolate, etc, but I love surprising Randy!!! I am probably one of very few people who really doesn't need presents (for anything - birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, etc) to be happy. As long as you acknowledge the day and spend time with me, I'm good! But I am always on the lookout for the perfect card/gift for others!!

Ok - I'm starting to ramble, so I'm going to get off here. I'll try not to go so long between posts next time! No promises though...

P.S. Does anybody know when I'm going to be able to breathe again?!?!?