Thursday, February 26, 2009

Catching Up

Hi... My name is Candice and it has been 2 weeks since my last post...

Some of you may remember me as a dedicated runner and blogger! I have to say, days like this really kill me - I would have loved to go for a run this morning. The temp was nice, there was a great breeze, it was nearly perfect! Of course, work must come first - and being almost 34 weeks pregnant doesn't help a whole lot either!
With only 6 weeks left until the baby is due, I figured I'd better get back on track with my blogging since I probably won't have a whole lot of energy for a while after he/she gets here.

On Saturday, we went out to Fuji's for dinner with a group of friends. I did order a couple of sushi rolls (fully cooked, of course...) and then drooled over everyone else's raw choices. I'm not sure what Randy ordered, but it looked similar to a Rainbow roll... I could have killed him!! And all of the bottles of Saki around the table... and the dirty martini's at the table across from us... I do not recommend eating out when you're pregnant! Everybody else gets what you can't have and then rubs it in your face!! Okay, technically, nobody was rubbing anything in my face, but just seeing it all was torture enough.

We ordered/bought our crib on Sunday! Woo hoo! They said it would take 7-14 days, so now we're just waiting for that so we can get that set up and take some pictures of the baby's room.

Monday night we finished our childbirth class. So I guess that means I'm ready, right??? Not so much! Yes, I understand what will happen and I know what to do and everything, but is anybody ever really ready for childbirth?? Anyway, throughout the 4 week class, each of the dad's have had the opportunity to wear the Empathy Belly. (And by opportunity, I mean that they were threatened with bodily harm from their wives if they didn't do it!) So Monday was Randy's turn! Here are some pics...

On Tuesday I did my preadmissions paperwork at the hospital, that way I don't have to spend an hour on paperwork when the "real thing" happens! Then I did a 3 hour breastfeeding class - who knew it was so complicated?!?!? During both the childbirth class and the breastfeeding class, they used some pretty cheesy videos from several years ago. The best was during the breastfeeding class. It was during the segment on pumping at work - this mom goes into a little room and locks the door, pulls out her pump, and then pulls out a picture of her baby. Breastfeeding porn! Seriously, the first thing I thought of was all the TV shows/movies where somebody goes to donate sperm... Again, who knew breastfeeding was so complicated?!?!?

Grr... just got a phone call that my pool class was canceled tonight... how annoying! On the plus side, it means that I get to go by RW tonight and see my people!!! Yay!!!

And on another positive note, I just got a message from Babies R Us that our crib is in!! Woo hoo!!

So anyway, I guess that's enough excitement for today. Later!


Bobby said...

Wow Randy. Nice pictures dude. We men didn't have to do that in the olden days.

Casey said...

OMG.. the pictures were absolutley hilarious. HAHAHAHAHA.. Seriously can't quit laughing.

Yes, please do post pics of the baby's room!

And most of all, thank you for being you Candice.

I think I will see my mom tonight. I will ask her then!!!

Suzi said...

oh my gosh that empathy belly is the most ingenious thing ever! i am hysterically laughing at those!! i REALLY hope they do that at our classes :)

Candice said...

I don't think Randy will be too happy about my sharing those pictures... but I couldn't help it! I exhausted myself just laughing at him that night. When we got home, I asked him what the worst part was, and he said at first, it was the breathing - but by the end, it was the pressure on the bladder. And he only had to wear it for an hour!!