Friday, August 21, 2009

Post 100!!!!

So, this is my 100th post! A little overdue, but better late than never, right?!?!

I've had lots of great stuff to post about, but I felt like I couldn't do it until I updated on Nathan's surgery and our trip to Hawaii. So here goes...

At 5 weeks of age, my sweet boy was hospitalized and had surgery for Pyloric Stenosis. It was very sad and it really sucked. We spent a fabulous 3 days / 2 nights in The Children's Hospital at St. Francis. I do have to say that I was very impressed. The nursing staff was incredible, and Nathan was a trooper. It was so sad to see my little guy with an IV in his head (but not as bad as watching his nonstop vomiting during his ultrasound). And hearing him cry when they pumped his stomach... that wasn't fun either... Now he has a little scar above his stomach which is barely noticeable unless you know it's there. We survived and he was healthy enough to go to Hawaii a few weeks later!

At 8 weeks, Nathan took his very first plane ride, and his 2nd, 2 trips on a ferry, and 3 more plane rides home. We went to Hawaii for my hubby's best friend's wedding in Lanai. Nathan was awesome on the plane (all 5), and everybody just loved him. We spent some time on Lanai and some time on Maui, but mostly just a lot of rest and relaxation!! When we were in Maui, we went to the beach and I stood Nathan in the sand and let the water come up on his feet - he hated it!! Poor little guy was just screaming - I don't know if it was too cold or if it just startled him, but he was not happy! We also went to a Luau which was fun. Nate slept right through it... We really didn't do much else aside from the wedding functions, but it was beautiful out there and it was nice to just take a break!

So there you have it... Not my best post, but now I can move on, guilt free!

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