Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pudding Poll

Well - today I had chocolate pudding - and it just didn't give me the same "warm fuzzies" that I got from the butterscotch yesterday. So hopefully, Randy likes the chocolate better and our variety pack will be well appreciated!

In honor of pudding, I have added a poll to my blog. Rather than voting for favorite flavors of pudding, though, I decided we should vote on who likes that skin that forms on the top of the pudding.

Have fun!


simulatedme said...

Butterscotch?? No way pistachio pudding rocks! And you can also make the green whip cream stuff on the holidays as well!!

Candice said...

Comment from my facebook page from my friend Mandy... It's too good not to share!

"First of all...your "pudding poll" is cracking me up!!! Second of all, there should have been a "pudding skin makes me want to run screaming out of the house" option on the poll. and Last of all...you need to try some tapioca pudding next time. Not the kind you buy already made but the kind you make yourself. I'm not sure what brand it is but it is so good it just might change your life.