Tuesday, January 13, 2009

90 Days and counting...

I know I'm a little behind on updates, but there hasn't been much to tell. Work, home, attempt to sleep. That's pretty much all I do. I've also attempted a couple of runs, which haven't gone well, so I've decided to stick to walking. I'm hoping to start some prenatal aqua aerobics this week, which will hopefully help with the sleeping and the random aches and pains I've been having.

Yesterday, I hit the 90 day mark. And I have to admit that I had a bit of a freak-out. There is still so much to do, and so much that I'm not ready for! The fact that my child will be here in 3 months (or less) excites me and terrifies me at the same time. I can't wait to meet/hold my son or daughter for the first time (and find out what the heck it is so we can give it a proper name!), but what if we're not ready??? What if I'm no good at it? What if he/she comes early and we don't have all the necessary gear yet? What if I go into labor at work and my husband doesn't make it to the hospital in time? I have so many things going through my head that I could go on all day... I know everything will work out the way God wants it to, but it would be nice to be in on that plan!

Anyway, enough of that! A bit of good news... Randy's step dad is making some good progress. The link to his website is still at the top of my page, and if you go to the "journal" page, you can see all of the updates that have been posted. He's still not out of the woods just yet, but he is in far better shape than he was a week ago. When he is off sedation, he can wake up and respond to verbal requests to wiggle his fingers/toes, but he can only be off the sedation for short periods because he starts to get anxious and his blood pressure goes through the roof. He also still has too much pressure on his brain, so they are talking about putting in a shunt, and he is having some problems with his breathing so they aren't ready to take him off the ventilator yet. He is definitely making progress, but it seems like for every step forward, there is another step back. We appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers! This will be a difficult journey for Tom, but on the plus side, he is at the hospital where we will be giving birth, so we're starting to learn our way around!

It's time for lunch, and I'm starving, so I'm off for now. I will post again soon so that I can acknowledge and thank Suzi for the awards she has bestowed upon me, and pass them along to other deserving bloggers! I have so many good ones to choose from, so it should be fun!


~g~ said...

Good luck with the aqua aerobics. I've been wanting to try those but the only class in my area is during the work day. I have however been doing prenatal yoga, and it makes a HUGE difference for the aches and pains.

3 more months! We should have a race to see who pops first :)

Thoughts & well wishes for your family.

Casey said...

I am so, so, so, happy to hear he is doing better. Wow, three months already? I am super excited for you two. I hope the aqua class works fabulously! Haven't seen you in a while!!!! I bet you are even more baby-tums adorable!