Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

It's the start of a new year, and I'm feeling optimistic. This year has lots of good stuff in store! First and foremost, the birth of our first child - due April 12 - Easter! A few weeks after that (if all goes well) we'll be heading to Hawaii (with Baby in tow) for my hubby's best friend's wedding at the end of May. I've never been to Hawaii, so I can't wait! Hopefully, by the time we get home from Hawaii (or shortly thereafter), I will be cleared by my doctor to start running again, and I will begin training for a fall marathon (preferably Greece in November) and a 50K (Sunmart in December). I don't make resolutions, but I do make goals!

My short term goal, for the next couple of months is to get the baby's room ready. I bought some more stuff today, and I think the room will be so cute! I just have to muster enough energy to actually do it! The room was already painted a yellowish color when we bought the house, and I think it will go pretty well with the bedding we bought, so at least we won't have to paint!

In other baby news, I had an appointment today. Nothing special - just checking the baby's growth and heart beat. So far, so good! We scheduled my one-hour glucose test which will be in 2 weeks, and then my next appointment 2 weeks after that - on Groundhog Day! I'm hoping for an early spring - winter is not fun! So far, I've gained 20 lbs since my first appointment on 9/4 (which puts me at a grand total of... 134!). I should be gaining about a pound a week at this point, and if everything goes according to plan, I won't go over 150. For most of my life I struggled to be over 100 - so 150 seems crazy to me, but as long as the baby and I are both healthy, I'm not too worried about it.

So that's about all the excitement I have going on for now. Here are some pics from my last days of 2008.

Me and Randy with his cousins in Dallas.

Me, waiting patiently:
A) to open presents
B) to take a nap
C) to go home
D) for the baby to come
E) all of the above!

Me and Randy getting ready to open presents.

Mom, Randy, and Me at Race Into the New Year

While I did have to twist Randy's arm to get him to come, I DID NOT inflict the damage that required the sling. And to top it off, my non-runner husband pulled off a 30:17 5K. It took me several months of training to do that - and he did it with no training/practice at all! I did manage to be under an hour with a 48:44, which is sad compared to my PR of 27:15. But this was my first time racing for two, so I'm not too worried about it.

Special thanks to Roman for keeping me company and keeping me entertained during the run!

And yes, I did shamelessly steal the last 2 pics from the RunnersWorld blog! You should check it out!!


Casey said...

I haven't gotten to read your blog in a while! It was nice to catch up for once! ha! Your baby tums is INCREDIBLELY (SP?) ADORABLE! April is going to get here before you know it. Gahhhh... I am so excited for you. Hope you have been feeling well and keeping warm!


~g~ said...

Happy New Year!

I just stumbled across your blog on BabyCenter. I'm looking forward to following it, I'm due on 4/13!

Susan Michaels said...

I can't believe how fast time has flown. April will be here before long and we all will have another cute baby added to the runnersworld family.
You and Randy are so photogenic and a cute couple so that baby doesn't stand a chance but to be cute.

Bobby said...

Man, I haven't hit 30 minutes yet for a 5k. Way to go Randy.

Suzi said...

Happy New Year fellow blogger mommy! I hope you had a great holiday season... we get to have our babies this year!! Your belly looks SO cute... I am jealous because I just feel SO little still! Doc says I am doing fine though so as long as she is healthy, then I am happy :)

Chrissy (Cooper) Whitten said...

Nice on the baby have officially killed my self are in your major ways of being prego and still are lighter than does that happen? :) Just kidding...I think you are doing awesome watching your weight. I hope that I have successes in those days of pregnancy some day. Love the did awesome on the are my hero! :) I hope you all get to go to Greece...that should be my first full marathon at that point!