Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nathan's Birth

So... I have this nice long detailed story of the day of Nathan's birth but it's at home, which doesn't do me any good while I'm pumping/blogging on my lunch break!

Here are a few photos of the big day to tide y'all over until I can get the whole story up!

Me, probably updating my facebook before all the excitement started

After 2 hours of pushing, and an hour of not pushing(but wanting to), I had to have a c-section

Seeing Nathan for the first time

First family photo!!

Randy taking Nathan to the nursery for his first bath

LOVE this pic!

Finally, some Mommy and Nathan time!


Suzi said...

sweet, sweet, sweet! hope you are doing well...

Stefanie Graham said...

I love it, Candice! Thanks for sharing such wonderful moments.

Bobby said...