Friday, November 9, 2007

Be Happy - part 2

So... getting up early to run yesterday turned out to be harder than I thought - so I didn't run, and I still went to happy hour. Still not so sure if it was the "right" choice or not, but after a Dirty Martini and some deep fried green beans, I really didn't care. I'm glad I went, and it was great to see my friends but not running is making me cranky! I've already cut back my mileage to taper for the marathon, so any miles I get in are good - and not running at all yesterday has left me feeling tired and sluggish (and no - it's not the alcohol!) My husband doesn't understand how I actually have more energy when my workouts are consistent, and how I can be more tired when I'm not running. I have a feeling this next week is going to be pretty rough! 11/18/07 just can't get here fast enough!!!

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