Friday, April 4, 2008

I finally ran!!!!!!

So, after my marathon in November, I was injured and couldn't really run. It was KILLING me. I hated every minute that I couldn't run. After a few weeks off, I went back out to start running again and I hated every minute that I was running. I think it was a combination of being scared that I would get hurt again, suffering from major burnout from all of my pre-marathon mileage, tired of running up and down the same trail, wanting to sleep in on Saturdays, and not wanting to keep turning down invites from my friends because "I have to run". The weather certainly played a part too. I really needed a break!

And I am now pleased to say that the break is over! I went out after work yesterday to a strech of the trail that I had never been on, and while I only got in a couple miles, it felt great! It was really hard, but great!! I don't ever remember having such a hard time with a 2 mile run, but I should be back up to a some decent milage in no time.

I just have to allow myself to not feel guilted into running, and not feel guilty when I don't want to suffer frostbite, wake up way too early, or miss out on something with my friends/family. Running is part of my life, but I can't revolve my life around running.

And with that being said - I've decided on my next marathon!!! May 2009

Check it out! It looks amazing!!


T Z said...

I think you have picked a great marathon for your next. I am telling you right now, that I will do it in 2009 as well. I am sure I can get Johnny Spriggs and most likely Brian to go as well.

Thanks for your kind words about Ginger. Still no news to tell, except that she is missed.


T Z said...

Oh, and good on ya for getting 2 miles in. Now, lets get some better weather lined up!!