Friday, April 11, 2008

Weather... Grrr...

Well, so much for my running break being over. I was really looking forward to getting back on track (back on trail, actually) with my running, and I still am looking forward to it, but the weather is not cooperating with me! If it's not hailing, then its freezing, or the wind gusts are enough to knock me down. This has definitely been an interesting week!

Here is it mid-April, and while I expect tornado weather this time of year, it is actually supposed to freeze this weekend - ridiculous!! A friend of mine is doing the Heart Walk tomorrow morning, which I've considered doing, and some of my running people are going to Stillwater for a 25K/50K trail race which I'd like to check out. I have no interest in running it this year, but maybe volunteering at an aid-station would be fun. Of course then we're back to the freezing again - I've become quite a weenie lately. If it's not sunny and above 75, then I don't want to be outside. I am definitely a summer girl and it can't get here fast enough!

So anyway, the point of this is that the Masters is on this weekend so my hubby will be camped out in front of the TV and I have to find something to keep myself occupied. I just wish I could think of something that doesn't involve 3 layers of clothing!

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