Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Update

Since I had plans to do a race on Saturday morning, I opted to do my long run (8 miles) on Thursday night instead of Saturday. So about 8 pm I headed out with Kathy, Ken, and Roman. I got to see some new sights and even visit the center of the universe! More and more I am starting to enjoy night runs... it is just a different experience. Not something I would ever do alone, but with some friends I felt okay. It was also the first time in a while that I was able to do all of my miles together and at my own pace. Since I am generally training with a group of beginners, my runs are usually dedicated to their pace/distance - but I love seeing their progress each week!

Saturday, I went with Roman, Sloan, Steve, and a few of their friends to the Porter Peach Classic. The town was so tiny that we had to make 2 loops around it for the 5K! It was a lot of fun and I even won 2nd place in my age group - and set a new PR of 27:15. And Sloan, who is pregnant and due in 10 weeks got 2nd place in the racewalk division! Way to go Sloan!! I don't know everyone's results right off, but all-in-all our little group did really well! My only complaint was that the girl who beat me for 1st place was only ahead of me by 24 lousy seconds!

Nothing else real exciting - just a normal weekend of hanging out at home and going to church.

And now, I am sitting in a yucky, smoky bar with my hubby, his best friend who is in town from Singapore, and a few of their other friends. They're playing Golden Tee and I'm trying to give them some space. Mostly I'm just here to drive Randy home. He doesn't get to see these guys very often and it's not usually a pretty site when he does!

Hopefully I can get copies of the pics from Thursday and Saturday on here in the next day or two - haven't figured out how to do that from my cell phone yet.

So that's all I've got for now. I guess I'll just sit here and silently hope that I'll be home before 11!


T Z said...

Night runs are the best, this time of year. 47 of my miles last week were at night!

susan said...

congrats! on your win. You are awesome & maybe just maybe when I get better I can run with you again.

Candice said...

TZ - wow... I think it will take me the next 3 weeks to even add up to 47 miles. And now I understand why your name is Zombie... I guess the only way to get that much mileage in is to do it at night when the rest of the world is sleeping!

Candice said...

Susan - As soon as you're better you will definitely run with me again! There is no "maybe" about it!!

Bobby said...


Congratulations on your pr. I forgot to tell you tuesday night.

Candice said...

Thanks Bobby! Congrats on your win as well... it seems that you are quite the super sleuth!!