Saturday, August 23, 2008

Greetings from The Big "D" y'all

Howdy! While I did bring a pair of running shoes (and appropriate attire) to Dallas with me just in case I wanted to run this morning, I opted to sleep in and rest, and update my blog. After the long week I've had, I think a little rest is what I needed!

I had a very busy week at work, and was a little stressed that I wouldn't get everything done before I left for my trip and before my bosses returned from theirs. At 4:45 on Thursday, I was finally able to breathe and I guess there weren't any problems because I didn't get any phone calls.

Tuesday night, I was a little bit unenthused about our group run when I showed up. I've just had so many bad runs lately and I wasn't looking forward to another one! I felt much better though, when Susan showed up and I got to chat with her a bit. I realized that I should be thankful that I can even run at all, even if it doesn't always go my way. I'm sure Susan would trade places with me in a heartbeat. A few bad runs is better than not being able to run at all! I also felr better when I found out we were doing a new route! YAY!!! Instead of our normal out-and-back on the east side of the river, we ran across to the west side, did a little trail loop, and back across to the east side. I loved it! Finally, a good run! Hopefully, I won't be so discouraged next time.

After my run, I stopped at Target to pick up a few things for dinner and lunches. I had more than 10 items, so I couldn't do the express lane. I picked a lane that had 2 other people waiting. One of them was almost done, and the other was starting to load her full cart onto the belt. I figured it wouldn't be too bad and settled in. A few minutes later I was about to start loading my own stuff on the belt, when a girl with a another full cart tries to squeeze past me. Apparently, she was with the lady in front of me. It would have been nice if the lady had mentioned that she had another full cart coming... and now all the other lines were to full for me to switch! Personally, if I had been in her position, and seeing that the person behind me only had 15-20 items when I had a full cart and another on the way, I would let them go in front of me. But that's just me... I hope they enjoy their $425 worth of weight watchers food...

Wednesday night, we started the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University at church. I'm really looking forward to it. It may bring up some unpleasant conversations between me and Randy, but if we ever want to start getting ahead and planning for our future, then it needs to be done.

Thursday, instead of running, I was busy getting ready for our trip. I rushed home after work to get the dog to the vet for boarding before they closed. Then I went over to the store for a few last minute items, went home and fixed some dinner, and started packing. I got in bed at 10 but it was closer to 11 by the time I went to sleep. When my alarm went off at 3, I was up and ready to get going. I finished packing after a nice long shower and then tried to get Randy up when his alarm went off at 4. Shortly after 5 we were on our way to the airport for our 6:30 flight.

As we made our ascent out of Tulsa, I came to a startling revelation. What started out as a cloudy, gloomy day, actually appeared quite beautiful and peaceful when I was looking at it from a different perspective. Now if I can just try to remember that at other times as well...

Since we've been here, I've just been resting and taking it easy. Tonight, Randy's aunt and uncle are having a big fish fry and they're expecting about 90 people, so that will be interesting. Of course, after a couple drinks, anything gets a little more fun!

We fly back tomorrow afternoon, and then it's back to the grindstone. But for now, I'm on vacation! WooHoo!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!


T Z said...

"But that's just me... I hope they enjoy their $425 worth of weight watchers food..."

Now Candice!! Be nice!

Candice said...

They really did spend $425 and both carts were full of northing but weight watchers microwave dinners and w.w. snacks.

If I were being mean I would have hoped for them to choke on it!

susan said...

Hey I am glad you finally posted something again. I truly enjoyed visiting with you Tuesday night but I did miss you for
Saturday morning run. I sagged with Roman & Kathy.

Candice said...

Susan - I missed you too, but I am so glad that you found a way to stay involved!

Bobby said...

Hope you enjoyed the fish fry.