Thursday, August 28, 2008

Response to Trail Zombie's Rant

This is in response to Trail Zombie's blog about recent trail marking activity at Turkey Mountain. I think maybe it was a little to long to post as a comment, as it was nearly as long as his original post. Please read his original post here so that you'll have a clue as to what I'm talking about. Thanks!

First of all, I cannot believe that people actually go out there and paint the trees... Maybe I'm just a good girl, but the thought of taking a can of spray paint out there and marking the trees has just never occurred to me. However, I must say that Trail Zombie did a great job of covering it up.

Second, I think that whiny biker guy owes Glenn and the others an apology. It's one thing to ask them if they know anything about the markings and ribbons, but quite another to go off on an accusatory tirade. How rude!

On the plus side, it does seem that Turkey Mountain is getting used more for its intended purposes of running, hiking, biking, etc. But just like when we see an increase of activity on the Riverside trail, we also see an increase in lack of trail etiquette, and my guess is that this is what is happening on Turkey. While it is frustrating for those of us who use these areas frequently, I don't think people are intentionally trying to cause problems. They just don't know any better - and we need try to remember that we were new once too, and do our part to help educate others!

Of course, I could be way off base here, in which case, just let me know and I'll keep my mouth shut from now on!!


T Z said...

Nope, you're not off base. As far as being "green", painting over the neon pink with gray is no better or worse. But, at least it "looks" as though the trees are once again in their natural state.

The guy went off on Glen because Glen had his Tatur shirt on. Otherwise, he would never known that the group was Taturish.

I suppose being one person arguing with a group of 7 or 8, he felt like he needed to load up on his argument. People rarely complain about ONE thing, but give them 2 things, they'll start to make a "list" to add to their cause. Still no reason to be a jerk. He was operating on what he "thought" was truth, and it was not.

I hope to meet the guy or talk to him. I would also talk to anyone who has concerns for the trails on Turkey Mountain. BTW, I have done 2 "trash bag" runs in the past week. But don't get me started on litter! GRRR!

Candice said...

The few times that I've been out there, I haven't really noticed any litter. I guess that must mean that you're going a good job up there! Of course, it's hard to see anything when you are trying to watch where you're running!

Really though, thank you for the hard work that you do up there to help keep it clean and safe for us!! TZ Rocks!!