Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Run

Well... I got in trouble for not updating my blog lately, so here it is! To be honest, I haven't had anything interesting to share. Work is busy, weather is crappy, and my best friend (aside from hubby) is out of town. On the plus side, I do have a wonderful hubby, and it is Tuesday, so I got to see my friends and I got to run. And by run, I mean that I walked 1/2 mile, jogged 1/2 mile, and then walked 2 miles. Like I said - the weather sucks. It hasn't made for any easy runs, but at least I'm trying!
So anyway, the picture above is from tonight's run. Seeing Ken and Roman has been the highlight of my week! :-p


T Z said...

Candice said: "Seeing Ken and Roman has been the highlight of my week!"

Of course, it IS very early in the week!

Dittos on the heat. I had a good run, but when I got home and sat on the patio while I fed my dogs, I felt like I was in a pressure cooker. Let's hope Dan is not fibbing about the cooler temps on the way for the weekend.

T Z said...

Hey! Are you running tonight with Roman after the regular run? He had mentioned maybe running 8 or so around 8:00.

Candice said...

I will still be there at 5:30 just to help out and what-not, but yes, I'm planning my actual run around 8:00ish. Are you in??

T Z said...

Yes for the run at 5:30 and the run afterwards. I just talked to Roman and he is a go unless it's pouring down rain. Vicky Afterburn also wants to tag along. I just hope she can run as slow as we do!

Chrissy (Cooper) Whitten said...

I miss you all! You're life is full...just give yourself a chance to reflect, then type! :) I could start walking after this next week. Interested in walking with me? :)

Bobby said...


Missed seeing you out running Tuesday night 8-12-08. Hope all is well.