Friday, December 19, 2008

Buddha Belly and Other Ramblings

I've had a lot on my mind lately, so please forgive me if I wander around a bit!

Buddha Belly -
I DO NOT understand the appeal of rubbing pregnant bellies. I didn't understand it before I was pregnant, and I don't understand it now. Do people think it will bring them good luck? Are they hoping to feel the baby move? What is the point??? Early in my pregnancy, it drove me absolutely crazy. I didn't have the slightest hint of a belly and my baby was probably the size of sweet pea and people were trying to rub my belly. Negative!! I actually got a little hostile with some people - what were they thinking?!?!? Now that I actually look pregnant, and the baby can be felt from the outside, I really don't mind it as much. I really do appreciate the people who ask first, but for the most part it's not as bad as it was in the beginning. Of course - it also depends on who it is. I won't single anyone out or name names (not that it matters - I doubt they'll be reading this), but there are some people in my life that I would prefer to not touch me at all - let alone my helpless belly. I'm not a real "touchy-feely" kinda girl, and some people are overly touchy. You know the ones - they can make a hug last 5 agonizing minutes and they have to rub your back while they're at it. They just linger a little too long. The holidays bring with them lots of "family time" which I generally enjoy - but this year am not so sure about. I know they are excited about our baby, but I am not particularly close with a lot of these people. I can't decide if I should just grin and bear it and let the belly rubbing commence - or if I should follow my heart and always keep something in front of my belly to ward off attacks!!

And for the record, I'm not saying that people absolutely cannot touch my belly. I'm just venting about some people who I'm not particularly close to who have tried and will undoubtedly try over and over again. And also for the record, these people are not in the running group! So if you're one of the few girls in the group who have gotten your rubs in - please know that this is in no way aimed at you. I love the group and consider many of you to be great friends! And Casey S. - you're also free to cop a feel anytime you'd like (of course it might help if I show up to class once in a while!)

So enough ranting for now...

Oh - one more rant - my poor sister is the only person in my immediate family who hasn't been able to feel the baby move. It's driving her crazy! I thought for sure she would get to last night after I ate all those goodies at the Marvellite run, but apparently our 2 mile walk put the baby to sleep - until this morning! I actually had a terrible night of sleep because the little one was not nearly as active as he/she has been lately. That and the fat girl nightmare I had - but I'll save that for another post. I feel so bad for her that she's been left out! I even try to wake the baby up so she can feel it but that hasn't worked either. I know there is still plenty of time, but I think it's hurting her feelings. And unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about it. She's just not around when the baby gets active!

Speaking of the baby being active - 2 night ago was absolutely incredible. I was laying on the couch and we could actually see the baby moving. Randy was just in awe. I thought it was funny to see my stomach move like that and kept laughing. He wanted me to be still so he could see it better. He's really so sweet and funny about all of this! I especially love it when he talks to the baby - so cute!!

Since this is getting to be a little long, I will leave you with some pictures from last night's run/walk. Special thanks to Ken for always having his camera!

Here is my adorable niece, Lexie - ready to go!

Me - getting ready to go. Anyone have any exercises to get rid of the double chin??

Me, my sister Alison, and Lexie during the walk.

Me, my aunt Sheryl, my momma, Alison, and Lexie!

Hope everyone has a good weekend! <3


T Z said...

Geeze! I didn't kn ow we had an option to "cop a feel!" Can I get on the list? :-Þ

Bobby said...

Nice family picture. And yes I do see a resemblance between you and your sister. Can I rub your belly?

Chrissy (Cooper) Whitten said...

Nice's nice when we all go just a little deeper on our conversations. Love all the pics....the double chin happens to the best of us. I'm still in denial when I ever see a pic of me with one! :) Good luck on putting objects in front of you to ward off the rubbers! :)