Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Saturday Long Run and Tuesday's Non-Run

On Saturday morning, I got up and met my running group at Turkey Mountain for some much needed trail running. I haven't been on the trails since before we told people we were preggo, and I've been missing it terribly!!! For my non-running readers, these are non-paved, mostly dirt, rocks, and roots, kinda trails. Not exactly the most stable running surface - and probably not the best idea for my preggo self! But I needed to do it.

It was actually a very bittersweet run for me - and yes, I did run quite a bit. I think my total mileage was about 5 miles, and I probably ran about half of that (at a nice, slow, easy pace). I've been with my running group for about 2 years now, but lately not feeling much like part of the group. I feel more like the pregnant girl who hangs out with the running group - and Saturday was my last attempt to try to feel like an actual athlete. It is very hard for me to see everyone else running and setting new PRs. I am so so happy for them all, but a tiny part of me wants to keep up - and I just can't!! So while I very much enjoyed my time on the trails, it is clear that it is time for me to hang up my trail shoes (and very soon my running shoes). I wonder if RunnersWorld has any walking shoes that don't look like they were made for someone who is geriatric....

I'm not leaving the group or anything like that, by any means! I will still be out on the paved trails and cheering everyone on at races, but it's time for me to end my little pity party and stop feeling sorry for myself! I try to put on a happy face, but it has been killing me inside to not be running. No more of that!! Running has become a part of who I am, but I have to realize that it is not all of who I am. I need to slow down and enjoy my friends, and my family, and most importantly - my pregnancy. And I need to not feel guilty for cutting my "runs" short (or skipping out altogether!), but it is very hard to admit that my little 5 mile stint on Saturday was a long run for me. I am very much missing being able to get out of bed and run 10+ miles on a whim, but I have new and exciting challenges ahead. And I will run again (with my baby jogger in the lead!).

So enough of this seriousness... Here are some pics from Saturday and last night.

This is me after doing the 1 mile "warm-up" loop - which I ran the whole way! Yay me!! Are we done yet??

Bringing up the rear...

This is the group I followed around on the "mountain". It was very nice of them to wait for me to catch up so I could be in the picture!!

Wondering why Ken is standing out on a rocky ledge that looks very unsafe!

Much thanks to Ken aka Trail Zombie for keeping me company! (and for all the pics!)

Tuesday I went out to meet the group with every intention of at least walking a little bit, but I was still sore from Saturday, and it was cold. So I was more than willing to seek comfort in Roman's jeep and stay warm while we waited for everyone else to finish their runs.

This is me lacing up my shoes before I decided not to run. The whole concept of shoes and socks is starting to get a little complicated and has me wishing I'd timed my pregnancy a little differently. Definitely something to think about next time around - flipflops and sandals would be much easier to deal with!

Here is most of our usual Tuesday night dinner club.

Broccoli and Cheese soup - Yum!

Kathy would have lost those fingers if they'd gotten any closer to my cake!

Basically, just another fun night with friends - only I didn't have to "earn" my food. Apparently being preggo gives me special rights - I even got my food first and I was one of the last to order! WooHoo!


Susan Michaels said...

Candice I know how you feel. I too feel like the sick girl just hanging around with the running group. I enjoy our walks together and until I get my health in order there will be lots more walking instead of running but thats ok I wouldn't want to be with any other group than Runnersworld. We are the best! Your day will come when you will fly by me once again LOL.

T Z said... would be SO NERDY in walking shoes!! :-Þ

I think you should KEEP COMING OUT and run a little/walk a little on the paved bike trails. No need for speed. But there is a need for Candice! We would miss you terribly!

Candice said...

TZ - aren't you supposed to be selling those shoes???

Don't worry! I will still be a regular presence on the paved trails - I just won't be feeling sorry for myself when it isn't going as well as I'd like! And I need the group too - my life would be very dull without y'all!!

Suzi said...

For the nursery, we will kinda do a combo of safari AND girly... I think it is going to be super cute. We picked out furniture this week. I will post photos this weekend! Finding good furniture was hard though! It is either really overpriced or kinda crappy quality. We ended up at a store called Lonestar Baby here in Dallas and they finally had a good selection with a range of prices. I wish I could think of a good baby item to sell because it is definitely a captive audience!