Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun With Food!

I know... you're so excited to finally see pictures of Nathan eating!!

For the record, yes, he is eating "real" food. We skipped the baby food/purees/etc, and went straight to table food. And everything he does is self-fed. We don't actually feed him anything - we offer him food, and he decides what to eat and how much. Also known as Baby-led solids or Baby-led weaning! So far, he has had:

Banana - loved it!
Avocado - need to try again now that he has better control
Oatmeal - mostly plays with it
Steamed carrots - loves these!
Artichoke leaves - yum-yum!
Steamed sweet potato and white potato - need to try again
Shredded chicken - yummy!
Peas - we'll keep working on those... his daddy doesn't like them though, so we'll see!
Apple - yum!
applesauce - even better!
Kix and Cheerios - He likes the Kix better, but both are fun for him to eat
Steamed broccoli - need to try again - practice makes perfect!
Pasta - yummy!
Peaches - mmm...
Mango - I'm not sure he ever actually ate the mango, but he was licking the juice off his hands!

He has also tasted lemons and pickles, and gnawed on some celery. It's a fun process watching him learn and practice! And it makes me more conscious about what I prepare for dinner! It also makes me more conscious about what I order when we're eating out, since he loves to help himself to my plate... No more pad thai for mommy :-(

These are pictures from a couple nights ago.

Chicken and Peas

He loved the chicken! The peas... not so much!


Perfecting the Pincer grasp

Sleepy boy!

You have no idea how glad I am to finally have a camera!! Still trying to figure out all the settings and such, but loving it!

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Chrissy (Cooper) Whitten said...

Thanks for the pics and share. He is awesome! I love your christmas card/pic! You all look wonderful and happy! :) Merry Christmas!