Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Resolution

In no particular order...

1. Start running again. I miss so much about it... my peeps, the feel of chat under my shoes, the clarity of mind.

2. Let go of my guilt. Wanting some time away from Nathan does NOT make me a bad mother. This is a huge part of why my running has suffered. I feel like running is a selfish thing, and I feel a ton of guilt when I try to do it. I also have a ton of guilt from Nathan's early months when I had PPD, and I feel like I somehow need to make up for it.

3. Be a better blogger. Ideally, I would post every day - but a minimum of once a week. I have so many pictures on my awesome new camera, but haven't done anything with them! And I must try to remember that this used to be MY blog... before Nathan was even being thought of. Therefore, it does not have to revolve around him! (yeah, right....)

4. Get our stupid office/junk room/spare bedroom cleaned out. Ugh... the crap has now taken over our dining room, and it must stop!

5. Ditto for the garage. It hasn't invaded the house, but it's a mess and my car used to like living in there!

6. Work on getting rid of our debt. Won't be fun (or easy) on my part-time salary, but getting rid of some is better than adding more!

I think that's it for now... I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish for you all to have a blessed 2010!!

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T Z said...

Well bring it! You know posting these resolutions brings some accountability into the picture.