Monday, November 3, 2008

Friendly Little Game of Tag!

Thanks to my friend Ken aka Trail Zombie, I have been tagged. I am supposed to post my sixth picture from my sixth file of my "My Pictures" folder. I post my blogs from my work computer or my cell phone, but my cell phone pics aren't in folders and my work computer doesn't have personal pictures on it. I do, however, have a ton of photos stored in Picasa Web Albums, so I used the sixth album that I have saved on there.
This charming photo of (L-R) my friend Melissa, her friend/coworker Mandy, and me, was taken on November 30, 2007 at CJ Maloney's and Jenny Labow was playing. Melissa's hubby and my hubby grew up together and used to watch Jenny perform in bars around TU during their college days. They think she is just the hottest thing around, and now she's big time with a record deal in LA. So whenever she is in Tulsa, they think the world will end if they do not go see her. The thing that made the evening particularly memorable was that although I was there with my husband, I somehow got hit on - twice - by girls. And these were not the type of girls that I would consider re-enacting Katy Perry's song for.
So that's that... now I get to tag someone else to join in the fun. I will choose a runner friend (TaturDave), a church friend (Casey), and a "baby mama" friend (Suzi). Now that you've been tagged, please post your sixth picture from your sixth folder in "My Pictures" (or wherever you keep 'em) and tell us the story. And no cheating!!

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Casey said...

haha. As soon as I get home I will post it! I am super nervous though to find out what the pic is. haha. I love your post as well! I just can't figure out how to add anyone? How's the baby tummy?