Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ultrasound Pics / Oh So Thankful

I love Thanksgiving! It is by far my favorite holiday - and not just for the food, although that certainly does help!! It is the only holiday where I can spend time with my loved ones and it just be about that - spending time with loved ones. It seems like all of the other holidays are over-commercialized and it drives me batty! I hate walking into a store in October and already seeing Christmas decorations! Ok - let me get off my soap box now!

Back to Thanksgiving - every year, I always find something to be thankful for. Even if it hasn't been the week/month/year and I'm not feeling especially great, I can always find something - quite a few things, actually, if I just give myself some time to reflect. But this year I have something MAJOR to be thankful for!

Yesterday, I had my 20-week ultrasound and actually got to see the first glimpse of the baby that I've been nurturing for last 5 months (even before I knew it was there!). It was such an absolutely incredible experience and there really aren't enough words to describe it!

As soon as the transmitter-thingy touched my belly, the first thing I saw was very similar to the picture below. Of course, I was so in awe that I couldn't get that actual picture, but after the tech showed us all of the big stuff and took the measurements she needed, we asked for her to try to get a few certain shots. And this was one of them.

Baby's Head and Spine

After that, I had to have a profile shot.

While working on getting the profile, we got another couple of gems...

Thumbs Up!

Deep thoughts...

And last, but not least...

Baby's Foot!

The foot one is especially meaningful to me for a few reasons...
1. It's just so darn cute!
2. I'm a runner - and with the way those feet were moving, apparently he/she will be too! That's why we could only get one foot! (Of course, I would never push any sport on my child just because I like it, but I can hope, right?!?!)
3. I had a crazy dream about the baby's feet earlier in my pregnancy. Don't remember if I posted about it, but basically I dreamed that while looking at my belly, I could see the imprint of these tiny little one-inch feet kicking/pushing my skin. In the dream, I was trying to grab ahold of the feet so that I could take pictures of them for my blog. Very bizarre - but I guess that's what hormones do for ya!

So there you go! I do have lots of other reasons to be thankful, but the baby is my #1. I hope each of you have something to be thankful for - even if it is just as simple as knowing that someone (me) is thinking about you and wishing you a wonderful holiday!!!


Bobby said...

Life! What a gift to be thankful for.

Christal Pellerin said...

Oh Candice, how exciting! Congratulations. I'm living vicariously through your news. Hopefully by this time next year I'll be preparing for a baby.

Suzi said...

OH YEAH!!! These are amazing... I love the profile in the second one! So adorable... and so blessed to have a healthy baby!!