Friday, May 2, 2008


Wow - this week could not end fast enough! I am so glad for the weekend and I am ready for some down time (after tomorrow's race of course!).

My long week actually started last weekend...

After work on Friday, I went and got my hair cut - yay!! I always enjoy that! I went and picked Randy up from work and we went home and after he cleaned up a bit we went to Bass Pro Shop. They have a pair of shoes that I have had my eyes on for a while, but they never have my size. After 10-15 minutes of being ignored by the man working in the shoe area (he was too busy chatting with an older gentleman and 2 young boys) one of the boys informed him that I needed to be helped. Again, they didn't have my size - not even close! I proceeded to the customer service desk to speak with a manager about the lack of assistance by his employee (and also mentioned that I'd been there twice trying to get the shoes). The manager took my information and told me he would order the shoes and that he would go address the lack of assistance with Mr. Chatty. Then we went and had dinner at Los Cabos - it was okay but not my favorite. I'm certainly not in a hurry to go back.

Saturday morning, I gave much love and attention to my poor, neglected bedroom. Nobody ever sees our room, so it doesn't get a good deep cleaning like the rest of the house. Next project = our home office (also very neglected!) We went out for a round of golf with another couple, and dinner at Osaka. Yummy!!

Sunday was by far the longest day of my life! I woke up at 2:30 am to drive to OKC to watch some friends participate in the marathon and half-marathon. It started out cold, windy, and rainy - but eventually the rain stopped. I met up with someone from my running group and we drove around tracking some of our runners. At one point we thought our coach was going to qualify for the Boston Marathon, but she missed it by 4 minutes! Her husband on the other hand set new PR at 3:27 - only in my wildest dreams will I ever come close to that! After lunch with some members of group I went shopping - which was uneventful and then headed home. Of course by this time I'd been up for about 15 hours and was ready to go to bed - so to keep myself awake for the drive home I stopped and got some sunflower seeds to eat. As long as I'm doing something, I'm okay but if I stopped eating the seeds I would get drowsy. I totally understand how people fall asleep at the wheel!! I finally made it home and had dinner with my hubby and some friends and finally got to bed around 10.

Monday was just another day at work, as was Wednesday. Tuesday and Thursday were run days which I rather enjoyed, especially Thursday. Everything just seemed right! I ran my first 2 miles at about a 9 min pace and while I was a bit winded I didn't feel like I was running hard. I just got into a rythym and went with it. I chose to walk my last mile because it was so nice out and I just wanted to enjoy the weather a bit. I also got to see my momma and my precious niece Lexie for lunch on Thursday and our neighbors had us over for dinner when I got home from my run, so all in all it was a pretty great day!

And that brings us to today and the end of another week. I'm planning on running the Hope Rains 5K Cross Country run in the morning and then sitting around and relaxing.

Have a good weekend!

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T Z said...

Good luck tomorrow at Hope Rains. I'll be there, and plan to run it at a spirited pace, whatever that is worth.

No advice on your termite problem, but nip those buggies early while you caan. They sure can do a lot of damage.